Drifting Away

Ask yourself, when am I the most peaceful? Moments of total peace are hard to come by, needless to say the least.

Years ago I was sitting street side by an coffee shop near by the Arno River in Florence. With a skinny canned coke in my left hand and my empty right hand embracing the light breeze, I was at peace, as if nothing mattered in the world the state of total relaxation. Happiness. It was simple.


Often times our mere nostalgic memories resurfaces triggered by a fond remembrance of something else. Often times, when you least expect it. As I waited street side for my taxi to JFK, unintentionally, total peace came by. The noise mattered not, the crowd mattered none, the busy come and goes made it more unique. All of the sudden, everything disengaged, leaving nothing but a pure feeling of happiness and relaxation. Completely on the contrary.

We live in a world organized chaos. With the rapid advancement of modern technology, we are endless connected with one another. As the world renowned coach Anthony Robbins said, “we are drowning in information, but we are hungry for true knowledge”. What is right and what is wrong? What it is that makes us truly happy?

For some, it is three million dollars. For some, a bowl spicy noodles. For folks like us? Random moments of pure disassociation with the noise. It is just us, with our thoughts, of pure innocence and – peace.


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