“Always strive to leave behind a legacy, big or small.”

As I wander around one of my favorite cities in the world, New York City, It is hard to ignore just how many dreams and legacies are being left behind every single second. The densely populated city and able-bodies filled streets can’t help but throw you into a deep thought of trying to imagine what your perfect world would be like.

Everybody is a critic, everybody talks about the fails, nobody speaks of the good things you’ve done. The only way to leave behind a legacy is to – “put in the work” as GOAT Kobe Bryant would speak with a smirk of confidence and a dose of IDGAF. Ya know?

At times, we all fall into a deep desperate desire for direction.  Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and more. We all share one common thing – The ability to love.

Anthony Robbins once spoke, “We as human beings, were considered made to survive. But those that are brave enough to swim the other direction, decided that human beings are not made to survive, but to thrive. Thrive in ways that very few can.

We have to think of ways that swim upstream, we have to think of ways to not follow the stream down into the pitfall of “standardization”, we have to think of ways to embrace uncertainty, and we have to think of ways to truly live a life that is – A legacy.

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